What We Do

Our portfolio for creating digital growth.

We share the strong belief that sustainable, successful digital transformation is holistic in nature. It needs to come from the core of an organization, changing the way people think and act to create digital growth internally. It needs to connect and integrate with partners of a growing ecosystem outside the company to gain new ideas and capabilities. And it needs to go beyond existing products and services by developing new business models to create new sources of growth.

We acknowledge that every organization has a different starting point, but creating sustainable growth efficiently together is the objective.



We design and activate strategies and organizations for digital growth.

Every organization is affected by digitalization in a different way. There is no one-fits-all solution to create digital growth. We are bringing the individual potential of an organization to life.

We design strategies that uncover digital growth opportunities, allowing more focused, smart investments. We design and upgrade organizations that unlock the next potential of teams, establishing governance systems and agile work methods for growth. Believing in the potential of partnership, we build the bridge to start-ups and lay the foundation for corporate incubation and acceleration that works.

  • Digital value chain analysis & benchmarking
  • Digital growth strategy & operations
  • Digital ecosystem & platform strategy
  • Digital marketing, sales & e-commerce strategies
  • Digital positioning & communication strategy
  • Digital governance & organization design
  • Agile leadership & management methods
  • Incubation, acceleration and partnerships



We shorten the path from idea to launch.

Many long-established organizations struggle with launching successful digital products and services due to complex processes, restricted resources, high lead times across their organization and limited integration of outside partners.

At Bloom Partners we shorten and pave the path from idea to launch. We create agile and inspiring innovation environments with client teams and design and test early prototypes in close collaboration with consumers. In doing so, we combine agile innovation methods attained from our start-up experience with established market research methodology. All formats and methods are tailored to the culture, capabilities, market situation, and agility needs of our clients.

This helps our clients to launch digital products and services faster, more efficient and with less risk.

  • Qualitative and quantitative consumer insight generation
  • Consumer segmentation and value analysis
  • Innovation management & acceleration
  • Open innovation, ideation and co-creation
  • Design thinking and design sprints
  • Innovation process development and acceleration
  • Digital experience & customer journey design
  • Digital service design & prototyping
  • Qualitative & quantitative consumer testing



We build businesses that bloom.

Leveraging digital to build a business takes ambition, commitment and endurance – at much higher stakes. Established organizations still shy away from launching or relaunching sustainable businesses around or beyond their core businesses. At the same time, the benefits for consumers and organizations can be much higher.

We support companies in the conceptualization and – if proven sustainable in the market – scaling of digital business models. Our experience ranges from B2B, B2B2C and B2C marketplaces to D2C e-commerce models. Our focus is on building MVPs that can be tested early in the development process.

Our capabilities encompass business and technology architecture, experience and product design, as well as ongoing marketing, sales and delivery operations.

  • Corporate venturing & M&A
  • Business model innovation and operations
  • Business model due diligence
  • Technology infrastructure design
  • Digital brand positioning & launch
  • Product design, sourcing and delivery
  • Performance marketing and sales
  • Social media analytics and engagement strategies

What sets us apart.